Doggy day care Longbenton

dogwalkinginlongbentonAre you out all day and really worried your beloved pet is bored home alone? Why not bring them along to doggy daycare, they will be in a home environment with up to 14 dogs, getting long walks on our own private land, 5 acres fully fenced in, where they can play with their friends, burn off that pent up energy in a safe environment and have lots of fun. We also have two lovely paddling pools for use on warm days, so we can still have lots of fun but keep cool and safe in the heat

We have a comfy sofa and a window seat for chilling out between walks where they can watch T.V or listen to the radio…oh it’s a dogs life!

dogsittersNewcastleWe ask all dogs are vaccinated to manufactures guidelines (core vaccines are recommended every 3 years, not annually, so please query this with your vet if you’re still getting annual vaccine reminders). Dogs over 5 years of age with vaccine proof off puppy and year 3 vaccines will not require further vaccinations to board with us.

We no longer recommend getting the kennel cough vaccine, this is totally optional and my own dogs don’t get it. I believe that so many strains have developed now, it’s just a pointless chemical going into our dogs. We also allow, and recommend, the use of herbal flea and worming treatments, we choose to use them on our own animals.

We only take in very sociable dogs as they will be in a large group environment. Adult males still “in tact” will only be accepted if they cause no issues within the group. We reserve the right at any time to withdraw our services if issues arise and you, as our client, declines having your dog neutered. We can only take puppy’s over 6 months old, and females in season will not be accepted.

We are fully insured, hold K9 first aid certificates and are licensed with north Tyneside Council.

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