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Things to look for when choosing a professional pet care provider

Things to look for when choosing a professional pet care provider

We’re often ask by friends and family, how do people know when they’ve found a good dog sitter or cat sitter. So, we thought we’d share our top tips!

  • How does your dog react upon initial meeting? Trust your dogs instinct if they seem edgy maybe they are sensing something you don’t, also trust your instinct do they make eye contact with you and put you at ease, they are after all taking charge of your furry best friend.


  • Is the company or individual insured and police checked, although this is not a legal requirement it is a sign of their professionalism and commitment to the animals highest level of care. Giving you peace of mind as often in the case of dog walking and cat feeding etc we will have your keys and alarm codes.


  • If offering home boarding and day care do they have a local council issued licence? This is a legal requirement and means we have been home checked annually and have passed all the legislation requirements, I would never leave your dog with anyone unless they can show you this licence!


  • Can they produce written references or give you details to make enquiries yourself? This is a must in my opinion as by speaking to the company’s current clients you will get a real insight into their care level.


  • How are the dogs transported? The ideal mode of transport is a spacious van , large enough to give the dogs room to stretch their legs  and the ability to lay down or stand at full height so they aren’t uncomfortable for their journey to and from their walks, do you really want your pooch cramped up in a small car?, you are well within reason to ask to see the inside of their vehicle to check its suitability.


  • Will your dog be left alone in the vehicle while your dog  walker walks other dogs?, silly question you may think but I have seen this with my own eyes, GRRowlingly PURRfect will only collect your dog if it is coming along on the walk with us at that given time they will never be left alone for longer than a few minutes while we pick up their canine companions.


  • Do they have a walking alternative on overly hot days? Dogs can very easily get heat stroke and on days of extreme heat extra care should be taken , we at GRRowlingly PURRfect offer an at home doggy paddling pool  in our garden as an alternative to a full length walk and on milder hot days will always have plenty of drinking water to hand on our walks.


  • Do they have a sensible maximum number of dogs walked at any 1 time, dog walking insurance usually covers the individual for walking 6 dogs but this should be a guideline as not many people could safely handle 6 dogs alone unless they were perfectly behaved…which let’s face it no dogs perfect hehe, we at GRRowlingly PURRfect prefer to stick to 4-5 dogs per walker where possible , with a rigid maximum of 12 dogs walked by 3 adults per walk.


  • Did they go through and leave you a copy of their terms and conditions and take down your own and any emergency contact details?, this way you are certain of their exact policies and can be certain you are happy with every aspect of their level of care.